Languages of the Land

Languages of Ner’ai

Verden / ˈbərd’ʌn /:
A sharp contrasting language. It is spoken as the primary language within the Keeps of Verde and used as a common language amongst the Northfolk tribes in the forests and mountains to the North.

Valec / ˈveɪlɪk /:
A verbose and artistic language of man. It is the primary language of the kingdom of Valencia. It is also used as a trade language across the Nimerian continent amongst the formal “civilized nations” of Dover and Verde.

Dovrin / ˈDov ˈrɛn /:
A complex language with multiple meaning of words based on context. It is the native language from the country of Dover.

Eryu-shu / ’eəʳ’yu: ’shoo /:
The concisely enunciated language of the Bedouin peoples west of the Dragon Wall on the Harnun continent. The Shu-feng use Hànzì as it written form as rarely as it is used.

Elyrian / ˈiː ˈlɪr ˈiːˌɑn /:
The flowing and enchanting words of the Elves. It is a common tongue amongst the Elven race even if each subrace has their own subtly differing dialects.

Durdin / dʊr ˈdɛn /:
The coarse and commanding speech of the Dwarves. Any dwarf would tell you that there is no better language for poetry and art than Durdin. Remarkably, few Dwarven bards venture away from the Dwarven holds.

Draconic / drəˈkɑnɪk /:
The language of mythical guardians called Dragons. A powerful speech that has been known to have uses in both magical spells and incantations or as words of power in great Thu’um. In the lands far from the influence of the Darconian Empire, the language is simply known as the old tongue and is learned in higher circles by nobles and mages alike.

Enochian / i:ˈnociˈan /:
The language of angels. To the untrained ear, this merely sounds like singing or chanting.

Moethel / mo’ eth’l /:
The gutteral language of demons. The language is a perfect representations of demons, as words only suggest means and may have multiple defining variance that are easily lost in translation.

Rhan’di / rɑn’ di /:
A smooth and articulate language of the devils. With many words meaning the same concept but with different motivations and subtext. Their language is extremely precise and is difficult to translate many of the additional nuances.

Brendar’cas / brenˈdarrˈcass /:
An older tribal language that linguistic experts agree may be the ancestral roots for Verden and Dovrin. It is only practiced in very small circles as a secret language of the druidic people.


Languages of the Land

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