The Ruins of Ner'ai

The Dark Places of the World - Blackreach

Discovery of the Invidia Archive

Party: Glendyn Makanin, Amelia, Addicus Crowley, Sir Derec Pendry
Date: 19th of Sun’s Tears 2e1644 (Valec Reckoning)

Lost, separated from the outside world, and grateful to be alive, our heroes recoup their wounds in a copse of the only natural light source, a stand of tall mushrooms.

Addicus uses the natural ambient energy within the “Blackreach” [as Glendyn has taken to call this area] to rejuvenate the party with his Halfing Masterpiece, the “Lament of the Highborn.” [A tribute to the ancient elves that ruled over the lands]

Glendyn and Amelia venture deeper into the heart of darkness following the haunting visions of what he believe’s may be the spirit of Glendyn’s dead sister – Merideth. After scaling a dangerous cliff face, they discover an ancient recessed door with Durdin script. Glendyn is caught by surprise while trying to gain access to this Invidia Archive, but is saved from the deadly trap by Amelia’s quick reflexes and deft hands.

As they are about to progress into the Archive, a great Blackreach spider attacks from the darkness of the ceiling intending to make a quick lunch of our heroes, but is driven away by amazing well placed shots from Amelia’s bow. They continue down a long corridor of unknown origin, noticing decay and wear through the collapsing structure. They nearly lose Sir Derec while trying to cross a large collapsed section of floor. Through Glendyn’s ingenuity, however the party manages to swing across and finally reach the deep sanctum of ancient knowledge.

The room automates with lights as the heroes begin searching for books. But the Archive’s defense system takes hold of Amelia and Sir Derec when they enter the room and they are dominated to read for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, Addicus’s interaction with the central console triggers a holographic image of the Gnome that must have built this place. It is revealed during a scan that our heroes contain the mysterious “spark” and Sir Derec and Amelia are released from the defense system. The vision tells them that they are the first souls within the archive within the past 12000 years. Addicus and Glendyn stare in amazement as centuries of esoteric knowledge begin pouring out of the Gnome’s lips.

But what might have been several lifetime’s worth of devoted study would be cut drastically short. The lights in the room begin to dim and the library begins to shake. The Gnome warns the heroes that the Ebon Sanctum has fallen and the Great Old One Nyarlathotep is free. The gnome’s finally words are that they must unite this world in order to stand against what is to come and to seek the help from the Angels. As the Archive loses power and structural integrity, the party scrambles to collect as much knowledge as they can about their enemies, their allies, and their task.

They escape the Archive’s death throws with bags piled high with ancient books and manuscripts as it collapses into the darkness below. Amelia leads the party as they shoulder their way up the dark corridor and escape into the bioluminescent glow of the Blackreach once again.


Orsini knifyar_makanin

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