The Ruins of Ner’ai

“It’s not the simplest path, but the longest path that leads to fruition.”
Fendrel Tyrande, Archdruid of the Dark Heart Grove, 2e930

The Ruins of Ner’ai is currently a low fantasy setting with high fantasy elements. As time progresses, the heroes discover and share older magic. The gods from typical campaign settings are avoiding interacting with the world to protect its dark secret from prying eyes. The premise is that the world of Ner’ai has been sheltered from the horrors of the greater cosmos; but it seems that despite all of their efforts all things must change.

Myself, as DM, I like to have a good balance between roleplay and adventure. But we try to ground the game in some basic reference of realism, for what is fantasy if it is the norm? The party develops tactics and cohesion with one another. Player characters become powerful heroes, but many times even they cannot do it all. I encourage my players to think their decision through. I try to not punish the player’s choices, but I do believe in the butterfly effect. Choices that the party and characters make or don’t make can have lasting impacts on the world.

Political intrigue, horror, and exotic exploration are all themes at times in the Ner’ai story. Where does your story take you?

The Ruins of Ner'ai

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